1.  Mary Ellen / nurse Practitioner Howard Clinic, Gulf Breeze, Florida said she tried everything to “knock” her cold and flu symptoms but the thing that made her instantly feel better, she said was our Cold and Flu soup…She purchased an entire case of 24 bags to take to her out of state relatives and referred all her cold and flu patients to the Gulf Breeze Apothecary (the nearest retailer for Super Soups).


2.  The owners wife of Feelin Great Health Foods in Destin, Florida, said that the cold and flu soup played a major role in her recovery from the flu.


3.  Danielle from Florida:  “Your soup mix is awesome!  I’m telling everyone.  A cold tried to take hold of me and I was over it quick with only a few symptoms.  I can directly attribute it to  your soup because I would feel a remediation of symptoms immediately after having the soup.  Keep up the good work.”


4.  Erin & Joe from Florida:  “Hi, really loved your product.  Taste is unbelievable.  Wow, hard to believe it’s vegan!  I’m sold!”


5.  Reta from Missouri:  “I visited a health food store in Jacksonville, FL and tried your was DELICIOUS!”


6.  Brenda Davis of Apple Crate Natural Market, Fayetteville NC says:  “We came back from the SOHO show and quickly sold out of our hottest new product after sampling the soups to our customers.”


7.  Heather from Florida:  “I’ve eaten both the Cold & Flu soup and the Cleanse soup.  They are both so tasty, that I don’t wait to have a cold or flu or when I feel the need to cleanse to eat them.  I enjoy eating them any time I’m in the mood for soup!”


8.  Holley:  “Thank you soooo much Kelly. My mom and I love these soups. Have a Blessed Day and a Blessed Business.”


9.  Jean of Toledo, Ohio:  “I purchased a bag of your Cold & Flu Soup for my husband who wasn’t feeling well and it made him sleep.  Your soups are so delicious!  We really loved it.”


10.  Jennifer:  "I just wanted to tell you that I have been buying the Cleanse Super Soup Mix from Everman’s for the last few months, and I LOVE IT!!!  I was even more happy to discover that it’s made locally.  Thank you for creating such a great product, and keep up the good work!  Sincerely,  A very happy customer :)"


11.  Tereasa:  "I just had the yummy and comforting.  :-)  I look forward to getting the order.  As you can see, I'm trying them all.  :-)"


12.  Que'Ana:  "Omg!  The soup was amazing.  I added some dumpling noodles and it made them taste the best.  I will be sharing next week on my (blog) pages."


13.  Lynn:  "THESE SOUPS ARE INCREDIBLE:  OMG.  Last week I made the Southwest Lentil and added about 1/4 cup extra red lentils to it, nothing else.  Tonight I made the Vegan Lemon Ginger Chicken and added some leftover baked, more red lentils, some chopped zucchini and kale; a little extra water.  It was on the table in 40 minutes or less, with very little effort.  I didn't have to add any other extra spice to either packet.  I shared the chicken soup with a friend tonight and we agree that it's just about the best thing either of us has ever eaten from a packet.  If I'd had a lemon I would have squeezed some in, but I didn't.  I'm totally sold.  I work too much and my food has been suffering.  This is *exactly* what I need because I can add the simplest of vegetables and be done.  And have leftovers tomorrow, when it will taste even better!  Haha.  Soup is always better the second day.  I intend to buy these by the truck load for myself and my guy, whose food is also suffering.  My friend is thinking of taking some with her to South America when she leaves in November.

Thank you for inventing these!!"


14.  Tiffany H., Boston:  "Thanks Kelly!  As you can probably tell, Salim and I are addicted!  Matter of fact, most of these (Soup Soup Mixes) are Christmas gifts!  What can we do to get you to stores in Boston?"


15.  Zoe from Stuart, FL:  "I am a happy customer from Stuart, Florida who unfortunately had to move to Europe for 2 years.  Having multiple food allergies, I get my load of vitamins, fibers, antioxidants......and all the good stuff, from your nutritious soups.  I traveled with 30 supersoups, but have 3 left only.  The American grocery stores in Paris do not offer your products.  Would you ship to Paris, France PLEASE? 'I am addicted to Supersoup'  :) "


16.  Philip:  "They are delicious!  My wife and I are both very impressed!"


17.  Michael:  "Can't wait!!  We have been out of this soup for a month and now my family is sick!  We love your soups!! I will be ordering often!"


18.  Stephanie from Washington state:  "I used to buy them in Pensacola and then moved to Washington state.  I miss them so much, they are amazing."

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